Many resources explain why you should use the stupendously fair Ranked Pairs method to tally up ranked ballots. A few:

This post focuses on how to tally with Ranked Pairs.

We aim to put candidates through the rigorous selection process of a round-robin tournament. We can achieve this by breaking ranked ballots down into pairs of candidates. When a ranked ballot says A > B > C, it’s the same thing as saying A > B, and B > C, and A > C.

A > B > C

How Should We, The People, Tally Ranked Ballots?

I’d like to thank Move to Amend for organizing a transformative People’s Movement Assembly to re-imagine the US constitution. Connecting with a creative, intelligent, and diverse group to ponder what comes next was positively inspiring.

I was heartened to hear such broad support for using ranked ballots during the assembly. Social scientists recognize more than a dozen prominent ways of tallying up those ranked ballots, each with differing fulfillment of fairness criteria. I’d like to ask our movement: what does the term “Ranked Choice Voting” mean to us? Some people explicitly equated the term with Instant Runoff Voting. Others were…

Leaders have the power to make big, important changes that touch us all. To make sure the changes are good for everyone, we need to make sure we have the best leaders. To make sure we have the best leaders, we must use the best way to agree on who the leaders should be.

The way we choose leaders now is OK, but it is not the best. A much better way is used in games between teams. Say you have a group of teams. The best way to figure out which team is the best is to have every…

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