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  • Xavier Lefèvre

    Xavier Lefèvre

    ⚙️ Tech Enthusiast — 👨‍💻 VP Engineering @ Theodo — ☁️ Into Serverless — 🏍 Motorcycles Lover — 🏮 Traveler

  • Frédéric Barthelet

    Frédéric Barthelet

    AWS Community Builder. @serverless/typescript maintainer and Serverless framework contributor.

  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    Data Engineer, M.Sc. in BI, AWS Certified Solution Architect, HIIT, cloud & tech enthusiast living in Berlin. www.annageller.com

  • Sandeep Jandhyala

    Sandeep Jandhyala

    Director of Software Engineering @CapitalOne . My interests are in Microservices, Cloud, Serverless , Data Management , People Leadership , Personal Growth.

  • Tyler Harter

    Tyler Harter

  • James Santucci

    James Santucci

  • Lucas Dailey

    Lucas Dailey

    Software Product Manager looking for his next adventure, former Madison Alder, political social network designer, M.Arch.

  • PolitiFact


    The editors and reporters of PolitiFact, an independent fact-checking journalism website.

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